Targeted advocacy & Influencing

Ingrained in our strategy is the art of influencing. Our approach focuses on changing behaviors of both community members and Leaders to help in achieving outcomes that will support improved living conditions and general set up of the communities.

Influencing underpins all our interventions which leads us to carry out targeted advocacy campaigns to specific issues in the community. We mentor, train and equip young people who lead and are at the center of all our influencing work. When young people lead the advocacy and influencing campaigns their voices are amplified and they resonate well with the communities. This helps with consolidating the gains from development work within the community.

Our targeted influencing focuses on

  1. Gender equity and Inclusion
  2. Economic empowerment
  3. Children – Rights and Obligations
  4. Human Rights
  5. Environment and Climate

Whereas Advocacy and Influencing is part of our day to day work and programming, we make use of International days to amplify our messages and engagements to raise profiles of issues of interest in the communities we work in and also engage with local and national authorities