Links 4 Hope and wellbeing

This is 360 degree mental health project that targets young people in the community. Links 4 Hope and wellbeing was designed to support young people who are facing different challenges in the community. It was informed by various studies that highlighted how incidences of mental health had become significant among young people following Covid-19 lockdowns and their effects that manifested through various ways among young people. Studies further pointed out that mental health has been an issue which has not been given due attention in our social set up. This has left many young people helpless with no, with no social support or public support systems to help them manage their circumstances.

Our key objective is to support young people manage their mental health and wellbeing so that they are in position to engage and participate in productive ventures that will restore their hope and they work towards maximizing their potential in the community. We encourage productivity as everyone’s contribution towards growth and development of the community, which has to start with an individual.

Since 2021, we have had direct contact with 213 young people that we have supported through counselling and provision of ongoing social support. Our interventions have been limited to in person on a limited basis, through internet – Whatsapp and direct telephone conversations where we reach out and respond to those who come to us for social support.

The issues we address are largely about anxiety, hopelessness, loss of jobs and income, pregnancies, domestic violence, school drop outs, and addictions.

For the past 13 months, we have noted an overwhelming demand and need, which we have responded to through direct interventions and referrals. Our resources are still limited to offer extensive services and support that is needed. This is work in progress. As we utilize our limited resources to offer support, we are developing links with different service providers to increase presence and services, bringing them nearer to the young people, while appreciating the challenges they operate in. We currently offer our service online and our long term plan is to organize community clinics and have a vibrant online service that will be easily accessible to young people.