Sexual Reproductive Health Services

This program area/pillar has been necessitated by the nature of our targeting and the focus population we work with which is largely young people with a special focus on women and girls.

Young people are diverse. Reflecting on the reasons why this organization was started during Covid-19 lock down, especially the challenges that were experienced key among them being teenage pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, increase in STIs, we are alive to the fact that young people have diverse sexual and reproductive health need and its incumbent on us to offer this service to the communities where we work as a direct response to the reasons why we exist.

Through this pillar, we will provide and make it possible for young people to access information regarding modern contraception, emergency contraception, HIV and STI testing and treatment, Pregnancy testing and services, Counselling, Gender based violence and harmful practices counselling and above all referral services.

Evidence and learnings from the Covid-19 period demonstrate that young people, especially those in hard to reach areas and underserved communities have serious challenges accessing sexual and reproductive health services. This can be attributed to many reasons such as availability of these services in the first place to accessibility both in terms of distance and social norms that inhibit young people especially women and girls from accessing these services. Our community setups, practices and social norms continue to entrench gender inequalities around girls and women sexuality making it difficult for them to access any sexual reproductive services when they are sexually active. This exposes them not only to health risks such as HIV and STIs but also extends to Gender based violence where their sexuality is controlled by men.

Our interventions in SRHR have been shaped by such background and the evidence that was at the core of starting this community organization and initiative. Our main focus is to increase awareness of SRHR services among young people, reaching them with information on their sexual and reproductive health and rights, supporting and enabling environment to allow access to services and put in place conditions that are conducive for young people to speak out about their health needs.

Our goal is to work with young people – in and out of school, provide them with comprehensive sexuality education, help build their knowledge, skills and confidence to demand and access sexual reproductive health services as and when they need them.