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About us


Solidlinks Initiative 4 development is an Independent Not for Profit and Non-Governmental organization founded by a team of individuals who have grown their careers in development work.

Following the disruptions occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns that sent shock waves across the world leading to the collapse of businesses and social networks, sending a number of young people into un employment, businesses collapsing and livelihoods shuttered, children dropping out of school, increasing levels of unwanted pregnancies, early marriages and gender based violence that increased vulnerability in communities, we thought of how best we can use our years of experience and expertise in development gained from working with National and International organisations into something that can support communities to develop shock absorbers and quickly adjust to changes that could potentially crush their livelihoods.

We thus came together to create Solid Links that to support our communities, especially young people and women who form an important part of our population. We will focus our efforts on initiating development programmes that supplement interventions that are ongoing in communities and specifically focus on creating linkages that ensure efficiency and sustainability of development work. Our work will target the last mile beneficiaries of development work to be the point at which development can be measured and ascertained. We will use our experience and expertise to design and develop projects and programmes that backstop the gaps that continue to exist in communities despite the numerous interventions from government and development partners. The solid links we will work with will see us contributing to supporting people realize their full potential and live happier lives that support their positive human development.


A world where everyone can live life in dignity, with capacity to break through barriers of poverty and influence decisions that affect them, a world where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential.


To Inspire and empower young people and communities to realize their potential in improving their lives. Our interventions focus on equipping people with skills and knowledge through economic and social programmes to cope and adapt to evolving contexts in the world.


  1. Committed to enhancing the unlimited potential of young people
  2. Respect for creativity, perspectives and backgrounds of all people
  3. We believe in and promote Honesty, integrity, efficiency and excellence
  4. We believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration