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our Strategy

Our work and interventions are designed to contribute to efforts of the Government to achieve its National Development Plan and Vision 2040 specifically in areas of Strengthening Private sector capacity to drive growth and create jobs and enhancing productivity and social wellbeing of the people to eradicate poverty in all its forms. These interventions are linked to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals with contribution to Goal 1, Goal 3, Goal 4, Goal 5, Goal 8, Goal 10, and Goal 16.

Our strategy is to work with young people so that they are empowered and have an active role in their communities in leading growth and development with the power to decide and thrive in what they are doing. Our ambition is to transform the live 1.5 million young people.

To achieve this, we will work to transform lives in the most vulnerable, marginalized and hard to reach places, empower young people from all shades of the community to attain their full potential, respond to local contexts in which young people live, be accountable and develop innovative approaches that are synonymous with the aspirations of young people.


We work with Young People within their communities in the most vulnerable, marginalized and hard to reach places. We are committed to making a lifelong impact in the lives of those with work. Our interventions are driven and modelled along the context of where they are delivered. This ensures that we are responding to the needs and addressing root causes and constraints that are hindering young people from achieving their full potential. We will mainly work through programmes and influencing, targeted advocacy, building valuable linkages, supporting innovations and digital development.

Our structure

We are structured to deliver for the young people within the country’s legal framework. Our Board is constituted to offer oversight and perform a supervisory role to the work of the organization guided by our vision, mission and strategy. We have a dedicated team that delivers our programmes and operations headed by a Team Leader, supported by the Head of Programmes and Head of Finance and Administration.

Our work is delivered through programme units modelled along thematic areas. This is to harness expertise and deliver a dedicated service while promoting learning across the organization and those that we work with. Our National office is resourced to coordinate and support the implementation of programmes and projects in the different parts of the country where we work. The bulk of our work is within the communities where we work.