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Enhancing young people’s sexual and reproductive Health outcomes

We are designing a project to address and enhance young people sexual and reproductive health outcomes in the Rwenzori region specifically targeting the demographics that are currently underserved. This project aims at contributing to the improvement of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes of young people which will ultimately lead to healthy, productive and empowered young people in the region. This is in line with our mission as illustrated in our Human Development approach of empowering young people to fully realize their potential and be in charge of their lives. The SRH project is specifically seeking to address the following objectives;

  1. Increase demand for SRHR information and service among young people and their communities;
  2. To increase access to and quality of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, and
  3. To improve the enabling environment for youth and adolescents including girls and young women to exercise their SRH entitlements

This project designed is being informed by the appreciation that when Sexual and reproductive health needs of young people are not met, they are deprived of the right to make important choices about their own bodies, lives and future which has a trickledown effect on their families welfare and generations to come. Our programme is being designed to ensure that young people in the region have access to;

  1. Comprehensive sexuality education
  2. Information and services to prevent and manage sexually transmitted infections
  3. Accurate sexual and reproductive health information
  4. Accessible safe and affordable family planning services
  5. Sensitive counselling

We are currently engaging different development partners for funding and taking forward the project