Human Development

Our Human Development interventions in the communities where we work focus on directly enhancing human abilities of young people who are our key entry points and population of interest as well as creating conducive conditions for human development. We focus on stimulating long and health lives of young people in communities, enhancing knowledge on different aspects that support community members achieving decent standards of living within their own means. Through this approach we strongly support Gender equity, Human security and rights of different categories of people in the community especially women and children as the most vulnerable groups, we encourage young people to participate in matters of their local governance and community life, with strong emphasis of promoting practices that ensure environmental sustainability. In the aggregation of our Human Development approach, our emphasis is on People, Opportunities and choice.

  1. People, in our circumstances, this mainly focuses on young people. We prioritise improving the lives young people lead rather than the general economic growth reported. Our focus is to have the economic growth reflected in the lives of young people than in reports, figures and graphs. This comes with supporting the young people to participate in economic opportunities that will improve their incomes and share of the national economic growth sphere.
  2. Choice; Our interventions target providing those we work with and the community or individuals with the ability to have a choice. We focus on creating an environment, not only where people can make choice, but rather they have different opportunities from which to choose from without being forced or unduly influenced. At the end of the day, SID envisages an environment where young people, individually or collectively have fully developed their potential to lead productive and creative lives that add value to the individual, their community and the country.
  3. We engage our work and interventions to give young people an opportunity to live lives that they value. We achieve this by developing their abilities and creating opportunities and chances for them to use these abilities. This is better demonstrated by our work in skilling the young people. Skilling itself is not enough if the young people who obtain these skills do not use them. We thus create opportunities or link them to access finances that will enable them establish ventures where they can use these skills and earn from them.

We subscribe to the principles which emphasise that Development is continuous, gradual, sequential and varies from person to person and general to specific.