Basic social services

Education, Health care and social welfare have been identified and prioritised by SID as the core basic services to focus our attention in the communities where we work. These have been identified among others to be the core building blocks for Human Development, a core pillar for our work with the communities especially young people. Our interventions in this pillar is guided by the experience generated over time, working in these thematic areas. We recognise the important role Government plays in the provision of basic service. Our work and interventions are mainly complementary, supporting the operationalization of government policies. We work with Sub counties and Parishes in the Government structure in realizing our objectives which is ensuring the provision of quality basic services such as education and health services.

In education we work in Early childhood development and primary education, ensuring quality and strong foundation of our children in communities, working for better education outcomes in literacy and numeracy. We take a 360-degree approach, working with schools, teachers, Learners, management, parents and all stakeholders in the community whose contribution is closely linked to achieving better education outcomes. In our education programmes, we also emphasise the rights and responsibilities of children, closely linking them with our overall approach of creating better communities, better individuals and better environment for all to thrive.

Our health programmes are designed to address immediate health needs of young people in the areas where we work. We do target programming to ensure disease elimination and control mainly through public health and universal health coverage, promote reach and accessibility to all health services. We prioritize Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases because of our work with young people.