10+ HTML Project for Students & Beginners With Source Code

Learning HTML and CSS may seem intimidating at first, but when you break it down into small, less-intimidating projects, it’s really not as hard as you might think. You start with HTML and CSS to get the hang of front-end web dev fundamentals. Then, you start learning new tools and technologies to add to your toolkit, one by one. One of my most recent favorites, The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu is one of the best web development courses for beginners I’ve come across. Creating an online recipe book as an HTML and CSS project requires a similar setup than the previous project example.
You will learn how to build a footer and header, construct columns, align objects, and separate sections. You must utilize CSS with caution so that elements do not overlap. You will also deal with color combinations, padding, margins, section, paragraph, and box spacing. Colors should blend effectively in various areas or backgrounds. You can use HTML for structure and CSS to make it interactive and appealing. It should be able to determine if users picked the correct answer and show them the results.

Every programming language, software, device and gadget has a technical documentation for helpful information and support. Of course, you should start https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ with creating the basic layout and structure with HTML first. You will need a navigation bar, at least one sidebar, and an area for the main content.

Top 10 HTML and CSS Projects

All while adjusting margins/padding too, using CSS properties such as ‘background-position’. So, today, we will discuss a few web development projects you can take up to sharpen your development skills. Similarly, we have come up with a list of web development projects.

Make a webpage writing about that person adding his/her image. On the top of the webpage, add the image and name of the person and below that give layout for the rest of the details. You can use paragraphs, lists, links, images with CSS to give it a descent look. Add a suitable background color and font style on your webpage. Most of the parts you can make using HTML but to give it a better look using a bit of CSS. This advanced HTML practice project requires creating a clone of the WhatsApp Web app from scratch.
Creating a technical documentation website with just HTML and CSS allows you to build a multi-page site with hierarchies, links, and breadcrumbs. Creating a web page for an event is a fun HTML and CSS project for beginners. To make your discussion forum website more interesting, add new content and remember to interlink related threads to make the site feel more realistic. In this project, you’ll create a simple forum website using HTML and CSS. A forum is a great way to create a community around a topic or interest, and it’s also a great way to practice your coding skills. You’ll need to design the layout of the page, add a title, a featured image, and of course add some content to your dummy blog post.

Intermediate HTML Projects with Source Code

We’ll be building three HTML projects for beginners, with each being designed to get slightly more challenging as you work through the list. To help you build your skills, I’ve designed these html projects to be more challenging as you make your way through the list. Additionally, many of these projects call on you to deal with CSS and JavaScript, which together with HTML serve as the foundation for contemporary web development. These are therefore small-scale web development projects with source code. You must be familiar with this language if your profession or daily life involves working with code, websites, or apps.

Create the website’s basic structure using HTML, then test it on a local browser.5. When your website is prepared, purchase the domain name and hosting packages from a reliable company.6. This brings us to the end of the blog on the top 25 web development projects! We hope that you found it helpful and got a couple of ideas for your next project.
Building the basic game framework from scratch can be a challenge for beginners. Creating a quiz game is one of the worthiest projects you can tackle. You’ll have to build a web page containing multiple-choice options for answers. Users must make their selections, submit answers, and see them displayed back. Login authenticators are essential to helping businesses protect their servers and keep out unauthorized users. It’s probably one of the critical skills you’ll need if you plan to focus on business website development.

Sign up now to get my free guide to teach yourself how to code from scratch. If you are interested in learning tech skills, these tips are perfect for getting started faster. If you’re not quite sure what area or language to specialize in, this course is the perfect place to try a handful of tools and programming languages on a budget. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 changed my life back when I started learning web development. Divide the landing page into sections, and create a header and a footer with menus and quick links.
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A product’s landing page describes everything about the product, which helps advertise that product to visitors. For this project, we will build a simple landing page of a website, which will contain images and a short description of that product. You can also play around with this code here in the playground. The next project which you can try is building a loading bar. Loading bars are one of the essential elements of a website.

  • A great 404 page can make users smile and – more importantly – help them find what they are looking for.
  • If you’d like, you may also host the entire portfolio on GitHub using your GitHub account and include your resume.
  • Develop a user-friendly and interactive form with validation to gather user data effectively.
  • JavaScript is always a great choice if you’re looking to expand your skills in that area.

These help in populating the page while the content is being loaded. As soon as content gets loaded, the loading bar gets full and then disappears. Create a user-friendly menu and navigation inside the header. Fill the footer with helpful links for your store, career page, contact details, and newsletter form, for example. If you’re looking to get into web development, one of the best HTML and CSS projects you can build is a simple restaurant menu. If you aren’t familiar with CSS media queries yet, building a responsive navigation bar is a smart way to learn and practice them.
Forms are frequently used in internet user data collection tactics. This HTML assignment is a great chance to show off your knowledge of form design and webpage structure. Then you can include the person’s biography, accomplishments, and a picture of the honoree.
html web development projects
A critical aspect of web development is the ability to organize your tasks, especially if you’re juggling multiple clients and need to keep track of several projects at once. Luckily, Teamwork.com lets you see everything your development team is working on — all in one centralized location. You can communicate with each other and ensure that projects remain on track, while keeping an eye on your team’s capacity and utilization for maximum efficiency. You’ll also need to know JavaScript and NodeJS to build your application. The goal is to initiate a game whenever someone new joins a Slack channel. Your new Slackbot will need to support the following functions to encourage everyone in the channel to get to know each other better.

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If you want to add an image slider, you can create one with HTML and CSS, too. No matter which option you choose, be sure to make your header mobile-friendly by using media queries. This will ensure that your header looks great on all devices, regardless of their screen size or resolution.